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Since 2013 Helium’s mission has been to make it simple to connect sensors to the Internet. We’re fortunate investors like GV (Google Ventures), FirstMark Capital, Khosla Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and others believe and support this mission.

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Matching sensors to use cases

For the type of customer problems we’re targeting, sensors need to last for months and even years before needing to change batteries (cellular uses too much power), and connect over long ranges (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or zig-bee deliver inadequate range).

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Helium-enabled Sensors cost cents to run every year. Pay as you go with no subscriptions.


Say goodbye to power-hungry cellular modems and constant battery changes.


LongFi is based of LoRaWAN technology allowing up to 10 
MIles of range.

The largest, public wireless network. Ever.

With a unique approach Helium has built the largest, public wireless network for these types of sensors and we’re continuing to expand.

In less than a year, the network has grown to over 10,000 Hotspots providing coverage, across 2,000+ cities in North America, Europe, with plans to expand into Asia.


Network Coverage Guarantee

Helium provides a network coverage guarantee for customers with a signed MOU allowing use of the network completely risk free.

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trusted partners

Helium provides the network, and works with trusted partners to provide sensors and dashboards or visualization tools to complete the solution for customers.

Since our focus is on network usage, we can provide objective sensor and dashboard recommendations based on a deeper understanding of the customer's problem.

Thousands of sensors supported out of the box

The network supports an open, standard wireless protocol (LoRaWAN) so thousands of third-party sensors can start sending data over the network out of the box. No programming required.

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Add sensors in minutes

Console is a hosted platform to onboard and manage devices we provide to users of the network for free.

With Console, users can add compatible sensors and start sending data to their dashboard in minutes.

Accelerate your project

Based on our experience building network infrastructure as well as previous complete offerings, we are uniquely positioned to help customers navigate the many choices available to accelerate identifying solutions.

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