Logistics & Supply Chain

Optimize supply chain and logistic operations with real-time, reliable, and seamless indoor/outdoor sensors on The People’s Network.

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Improve your Operations with Helium

Joining The People's Network enables solutions for supply chain and logistics companies through:

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Affordable Coverage

Providing low-cost and reliable coverage for hundreds of asset tracking, resource monitoring, and fleet management devices

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Powerful Integrations

Enabling secure and real-time data that can be integrated with platforms like Azure IoT Hub and AWS

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Massive Ecosystem

Access to an ecosystem of resources for a wide-range of solutions

Fleet Management

Track vehicles, shipments, and more, with specialized trackers providing end-to-end data quickly and accurately — no matter the route.

Asset Tracking

Continuous tracking of products and property throughout the supply chain. Many Helium-compatible trackers include additional features such as temperature monitoring and theft detection.

Resource Monitoring

Real-time insights from trackers designated to valuable resources. Decrease loss of goods from preventable problems related to perishability, theft, tracking, and more.

Operations Optimization

Streamline efficiencies in the handling and production of goods. Increase security, protect inventories, and scale effortlessly with a variety of customizable devices compatible with The People’s Network.

Build on
The People's Network

  • The world’s largest contiguous wireless network means no purchasing or deploying gateways
  • Highly-competitive connectivity costs: Average of $1.05 per sensor for an entire year (for an asset tracker that sends data every 5 minutes)
  • Leverages open architecture and open standards, allowing providers to future-proof investments
  • Accessible and easy to use with any off-the-shelf LoRaWAN-compatible device
  • With the Helium Blockchain, companies can cryptographically prove the location and the time that a sensor sends data, allowing for more accurate reporting
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We are happy to partner with Helium and to revolutionize the IoT space together.

Olivier Hersent, CEO of Actility

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Case Studies

Owen Equipment Protects Against Theft and Simplifies Operations with LoneStar Tracking

Vastum Reduces Waste Collection Operational Costs by up to 30% with Slovakia Municipality on Helium

Greenmetrics Tackles Wildlife Conservation with Iberian Lynx Tracking

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We are very excited to see the Network grow, and we want to help grow it.

Odis Harkins, Co-Founder of Lark Alert

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