The Best Tools for Building Secure, Low Power, Long Range IoT Devices

From makers to commercial enterprises, Helium makes developing connected devices easier than ever before. Optimized for long range, low power applications with the security you need and at a cost you may not expect.

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Helium is a complete IoT toolkit

From the production-ready Helium Atom module, to development hardware along with dashboards and comprehensive APIs - Helium revolutionizes embedded programming and prototyping, making IoT easy and cheap.

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Unmatched Power Efficiency

Helium OS is optimized for high-speed wake up and low power deep sleep, automatically managing network performance and battery life.

Long Range without the Cost

Devices built with Helium can communicate miles in open terrain and several city blocks to the nearest gateway. No more expensive cell plans needed.

Powerful Development Tools

With tools such as Helium Script, providing edge programmability and hardware abstractions, deployments can be up and running in minutes to get instant insights to your devices and the environment.

How does Helium compare?

There are seemingly hundreds of IoT Developer Platforms available today - but how many actually hold up in real world usage? When choosing a platform it's important to consider the unknown costs and hassle of subscriptions, power management (we hate changing batteries!) and radio reliability.

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Operating Cost
Battery Life
Wireless Range
Hardware Security
OTA Updates
Edge Programmability
  • Low
    Very High
  • Low
  • Medium
  • Medium
    Very High
  • Medium
Operating Cost Low Low Medium Medium Medium
Battery Life Years Days Months Years Days
Wireless Range Very High Low Medium Very High Low/High
Hardware Security
OTA Updates
Edge Programmability
Very High

Powerful Developer Tools to
Turn Physical Data into Insights

Helium is built to simplify IoT development. A variety of hardware and software tools are designed for developers to easily build connected devices, manage data transfer and define reporting requirements.

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Cloud & Device APIs

Programmatic access to the Helium ecosystem via a REST API

Dashboard & Commander

Data Visualization, Device Management and Command Line Interface UI

Libraries & SDKs

Access API using a variety of popular languages and sample apps

Abstracted & Sandboxed

Secure application code updating mitigates bricking devices in the field.

Helium for Makers

Helium makes it easy to prototype connected devices with expert tools available to all. With a focus on robust, long-range connectivity, efficient power handling and secure over-the-air updating, Helium allows you to develop your cloud-connected devices, web services and device management tools with ease.

Software to make building easy

Typical Helium deployments can be up and running in minutes, speeding up development and prototyping.

Dev Kits that make hardware simple

Thoughtfully designed development hardware makes connecting a variety of sensors to your physical device, simple.

Helium for Enterprise

Helium makes it easy for any company to apply IoT technologies and extract physical data from buildings, machines and assets. New insights can be gathered to identify tangible operational improvements such as increased yields and waste reduction.

Scale your Deployments

Whatever your application, Helium Hardware, OS and Cloud easily and securely scale to millions of units for the most complex of deployments.

Extensible and Flexible

By utilizing a variety of interfaces and simple scripting, Helium can be used to retrofit existing assets or build out entirely new ones.

Heat Sensing

Pricing for Everyone

At Helium we know the bottom line is important, not just for hobbyists but also for larger businesses tackling bigger challenges. Helium's pricing is designed to be simple, inclusive and flexible. Get in touch today to discuss your use case.

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No Subscription Cost
Up to 10 Atom Devices
Up to 1,000,000 API calls/month
Dashboard Access Online Community Support


Up to 50 Atom Devices
Unlimited API calls/month
Dashboard Access Access to Alphas & Betas Online Community Support


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Custom roll out across
facilities and products
Guaranteed uptime of 99.99% Dedicated Customer Support
Accessories & Addons

Helium Subscriptions can be accessorised with a variety of Extension Boards, Cellular Access Points and Integrations.

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