Build the Internet of Things. Faster.

Helium eliminates the complexity for developers bringing the physical world online.

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Helium OS

Helium's IoT-specific connected operating system enables Helium device security, programmability and battery efficiency.

Helium Cloud

Robust cloud services that include device management, scalable time-series data storage and modern RESTful APIs.

Helium Atom Module

Our long range, low power wireless IoT application platform with development kits and modules for connected devices.

Scale Your Product

Deliver your IoT solution with expert contract manufacturing partners and software development practitioners.

What is Helium?

Whether you are building a new product to sense, monitor and control assets, or enhancing an existing product or service, Helium makes it exceedingly easy to develop your connected devices. With Helium, you focus on the user experience of your IoT application. We handle security, edge programming, battery life, device management, wireless networking, data storage, software updates and APIs to build on.

Guide Getting Started with Helium

Cut 10 years off your IoT implementation

Skip the pain of building hardware, wireless layers and cloud infrastructure yourself. It might take you 10 developer-years to design and implement every aspect of your IoT product from the microcontroller to the cloud APIs.

We did that so you don't have to, plus we'll help you get it in the hands of customers.

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Helium OS

Helium OS is a connected operating system that empowers all Helium devices with security controls, abstraction layers to easily bring up sensor peripherals and flexible battery management.

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Helium Atom

Helium's Atom module lies at the core of your connected products. The Helium Atom combines wireless dual band radios with a hardware root of trust and powerful application processor.

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Helium Cloud

The Helium Cloud is a purpose-built IoT software stack containing scalable network routing and time series data, as well as modern RESTful APIs to power web and mobile applications. The Cloud is your one stop shop for managing devices and data.

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