Telcos aren't our future. The People are.

Own a Helium Hotspot and earn Helium tokens, a new cryptocurrency, for building the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network, The People’s Network.

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Helium Hotspot
Helium Hotspot

The Heart of The People’s Network

Smart pet collars, bike trackers, or any compatible Internet of Things (IoT) device can connect to Hotspots without Wi-Fi or cellular and send data to the internet. Hotspots also act as miners on the Helium Blockchain for a new cryptocurrency, Helium.

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Why Host a Hotspot?

Own a Hotspot and Earn Helium

Hotspots continually earn Helium for providing and validating wireless coverage and when devices connect to Hotspots. Companies need Helium to transfer data, and as coverage grows and more devices use the network the greater the demand for Helium.

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New Network. New Possibilities.

Affordable IoT connectivity without complexity

The People’s Network enables companies to solve IoT connectivity problems that are too costly, too complex, or just flat out impossible. A new wireless technology called LongFi delivers maximum range (miles) and battery life (years) for devices on the network at a fraction of the cost of cellular.

Early Wildfire Detection

Protect communities with remote smoke or heat sensors

Never Lose Your Pet

Track your dog over miles of range without cellular

Stop Bike Theft

Embed anti-theft devices with location sensors

Data-driven Agriculture

Monitor environmental data for higher yields

Recent Updates.

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Token model explained

Learn more about our token model including distribution plans shared here.

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Austin Coming Soon

We intend to start shipping to our very first launch city in August

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In Good Company

"With Helium... owners will always know where their pets are even over miles of range, without needing to replace batteries for years."

Greg Gotts

CEO Invisleash

"Based on our experience working with Helium, their new peer-to-peer wireless network shows great promise to enable new types of connected devices to provide more and better information for our community.”

Ulysses Vinson

Chief Smart Communities Officer for the County of San Mateo

“We’re excited to build new farming applications running on Helium’s new wireless network to collect more data and allow farmers to make smarter operational decisions.”

Mathew Sanford

CEO Agulus