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Discover a variety of LoRaWAN sensors from popular manufactures in the Helium ecosystem.

Tracking & Logistics

Easy Onboarding*

Illustration of Rak Tracker on a box

Rak Sticker Tracker

Lightweight, label-like device easily attached to products for tracking and temperature. Software subscriptions available for easy onboarding and data visualization dashboards.

Easy Onboarding*

Seeed Tracker

Seeed T1000 Tracker

Compact GPS tracker for precise indoor & outdoor location tracking. This compact tracker supports frequency switching for multi-region deployments and is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for positioning.

Oyster 3 device and associated app

Digital Matter Oyster

Ultra-rugged waterproof GPS device with high precision and battery performance. Used for anti-theft, logistics, and more. Data management dashboards sold separately.

For the Home

Dragino environment and cold chain temperature transmitter

Dragino Environmental & Cold Chain Temperature Transmitters

Monitoring temperature for food management, cold chain, industrial monitoring and control, and logistics.

Milesight leak detector

Milesight leak detector

Detect the presence of water for applications like gas pipe leakage, basement flooding, pump failure, and more.

Elsys Room Sensor

Elsys Environment Room Sensors

ERS is a sensor for measuring the indoor environment in homes, offices and smart buildings. Monitor environmental metrics including temperature, humidity, light and motion.


Easy Onboarding*

Soil and moisture sensor

Seeed Studio Soil Moisture and Temperature

Soil moisture and temperature monitoring for smart agriculture, used to optimize conditions and irrigation. This device supports all LoRaWAN frequencies.

Easy Onboarding*

Weather station

Seeed Studio Weather Station

Hyperlocal weather data for applications like backyard, garden, agriculture, meteorology, urban environmental monitoring, and more. This device supports all LoRaWAN frequencies.

Distance Detector

Dragino Distance Detection

Dragino LDDS75 distance detection is used to measure the distance between sensor and flat object. Ultrasonic sensing can be applied to liquid level measurement, object proximity and presence detection, intelligent trash can management, automatic control, and more.

DePIN Applications

Easy Onboarding*

DIMO app being used in a car

Connect your Car with DIMO

Own your data, check car health, track location, and earn rewards. DIMO devices plug into your vehicle and include three years of connectivity. Easy onboarding with the DIMO app.

Easy Onboarding*

WeatherXM Logo

Localized weather data with WeatherXM

Hyperlocal, accurate weather forecasts. All-in-one autonomous weather station measuring temperature, humidity, solar radiation, pressure, wind speed + direction, and precipitation.


Helium sensors need coverage to connect. Check your public coverage, or deploy a Hotspot with your sensors to connect your applications.

SenseCAP M2

Seeed Studio SenseCAP M2

High-performance indoor gateway. Gateways provide connectivity for Seeed Studio’s wide variety of LoRaWAN sensors.

RAK Hotspot V2

RAK Hotspot V2

The RAK Hotspot and RAK2270 Sticker bundle allows you to set up coverage and try out asset tracking with a small and versatile tracker.

Helium follows regional guidelines for frequency selection. If you are unsure which frequency you need to use for sensors and Hotspots in your region, consult the LoRaWAN Region Plans.

* Easy Onboarding indicates the sensor can be purchased with a subscription to an application with low-friction onboarding. Scan a QR code or input device keys to quickly connect to the network and visualize your data.

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