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Who Uses Helium?

Discover Helium's rich ecosystem of hardware and software solutions that use and support The People’s Network.

Please note for vendors providing tools or services, a listing does not constitute endorsement.

End-to-End IoT Solutions

Operated by Nova Labs, the creators of the Helium Network, 1663 delivers customized, end-to-end IoT solutions for businesses.

Indoor/Outdoor Location Tracking

Go beyond GPS with our power-efficient tracking devices, anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

IoT Roaming Partner

Actility has a strong background in large-scale project delivery and a heritage in carrier-grade systems.

Air Quality Monitoring

Track air quality around the globe to provide data to inform the public of unseen dangers.

Low-code IoT Platform

Akenza is the self-service IoT platform, allowing you to build great IoT products and services with value.

IoT Cloud

Visualization of your IoT projects is just a couple of mouse clicks away. Supporting a constantly growing number of technologies and vendors including LoRaWAN and Helium.

Technology Solutions

Atom provides technology and product management, design, and innovation services.

Air Quality Monitoring

Our mission is to improve people`s lives, one breath at a time.

Smart Weather Stations

Set-and-forget wireless all-in-one weather stations.

Sustainable Mining

Biomine mining farms are designed and built inside hydroelectric plants

Environmental Solutions

Biotos Global Services is always at the frontline for a better and greener future.

Hotspot Provider

Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-efficiency miner hotspot for HNT.

Commercial & Industrial IoT Applications

Providing IoT Web-based solutions and Expertise for IOT Applications

IoT Network Operator

Latin America’s ultimate Helium turnkey solutions provider. We enable the creation of bespoke IoT projects of all sizes.

Hotspot Provider

Browan Communications is focusing in leveraging the wireless technology Know-How accumulated over the years to address the emerging businesses of IoT

Food Distribution

Leading the most transparent and speed focused food distributor; growing business for retailers with the best brands.

Hotspot Vendor

The RAK Hotspot Miner v2 earns HNT when devices connect and validating P2P wireless coverage.

Elderly Care and Monitoring

Cutting-edge monitoring to empower people with dementia and their caregivers.

Digital Twin Solutions

Revolutionizing cold chain logistics with an all-in-one cost-effective digital twin solution

IoT Solutions

Choovio delivers IoT hardware and software out of the box solutions.

Hotspot Manufacturer

BGC-Fi powerd by ClodPi pro hotspot operates with low power consumption for vast connectivity.

Customizable low-code application platform

Application platform provider offering a customizable, low-code, white-labeled, and completely hardware agnostic cloud solution.

Enterprise Applications

Codepoint LoRa based devices and platforms deliver critical capabilities efficiently for a variety of building and campus applications.

Food Safety Solutions

Communityfi provides no-cost solutions for food pantries to strengthen our communities through technology.

Food Safety Solutions

Protect your bottom line. Monitoring, logging, & intelligent alerts

IoT Solutions

Cosmos IoT specializes in building communications infrastructure and developing custom IoT solutions.

Pet Tracking

Petfon is a Helium-powered smart GPS tracker, that allows you to track your pet.

IoT Solutions

Helping Businesses, Building Owners, and Neighborhoods Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT)

Innovative IoT Solutions

Wireless solutions from the Edge to the Cloud in Logistics, Agriculture, and Smart Cities

Enterprise IoT Platform

Create IoT applications in minutes on the Datacake low code platform without programming.

Data Governance & Management

The Real-Time Data Governance Platform

Monitoring Solutions

Decentlab is a Swiss company providing wireless sensor devices and services for distributed, cost-effective monitoring solutions.

Location Tracking

Preventing theft and optimizing asset utilization via battery-powered GPS devices.

Vehicle Data Platform

Connect your car. Own your data. Earn Crypto.

5G Carrier

Dish is the first major carrier to deploy Helium 5G.

Drone Delivery

DRONEDEK smart mailbox is the first utility patent issued for drone package receiving and storage. Secure, convenient, and powered by The People`s Network.

Sound-level Sensing

All-in-one solution for monitoring and reporting sound level measurements

Energy and Water Metering Systems

Enica are a supplier of energy and water metering systems.

Smart Car Wash

Automate your car wash so you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

5G Hotspot Manufacturer

The first 5G Hotspot compatible with the Helium Network.

Helium Consulting

A consultancy dedicated to educating the community about The People`s Network

Hotspot Distributor

Distributing Helium Hotspots in North America and Europe.

Hotspot Monitoring

Hotspot vitals and rewards, on your phone and watch.

IoT Solutions & Devices

Distributor of hotspots, accessories and IoT devices. Full IoT solutions provider based exclusively on the Helium Network.

Hotspot Manufacturer

The Heltec Hotspot allows LoRa applications at a lower cost.

IoT Solutions

Helping design IoT solutions to Sense Your World

Hotspot Optimizer

We help you choose the best locations for your Hotspots in terms of both coverage and $HNT earnings potential!

Hotspot Management

The easiest way to manage all your Helium hotspots and hosts.

Cloud-Based Data Platform

Easy access to clean LoRaWAN data, so you can solve the world's most challenging problems.

Custom IoT Solutions

InviBIT specializes in embedded systems, sensors development and custom IoT solutions.

In-App Location Tracking

Invoxia’s range of intelligent trackers ensures 24/7 peace of mind and theft prevention.

IoT Solutions

Edge-to-Cloud IoT solutions - Leading innovation for sustainability and growth

Hotspot Provider

Industrial-grade Helium Hotspots to power private and public IoT networks worldwide.

Modern Cold Solutions

Temperature Monitoring Dashboard built for IoT Sensors, specializing in cold storage solutions

Project Support

Better living through IoT solutions

Custom Monitoring Solutions

The comprehensive monitoring solution that protects your organization and assets.

Water Monitoring & Automation

Levelll brings near real-time monitoring and automation of remote locations right at your fingertips.

Hotspot Manufacturer

A hardware configuration you can rely on. Designed to be elegant and discreet.

Indoor/Outdoor LocationTracking

Ensuring your assets are protected, wherever you go.

Hotspot Manufacturer

LongAP Pro is an outdoor IoT-hotspot/gateway compatible with multiple IoT networks.

Smarter Agriculture

Combining drones with sensors to improve the economics of sustainable agriculture production.

Hotspot Vendor

Helping build the decentralized network infrastructure. Canadian Shop for Helium Hotspot, Miners and Accessories.

Sensors and Development Hardware

MCCI provides a range of deveopment boards and sensors for making connected solutions.

Managed IoT Solutions

Making complex technology simple for our business partners with Managed IoT and Private IoT Networks

Sensing Services

Metromat offers quality measurement services in accordance with the industry standards.

Enterprise IoT Platform

Using their patent-pending data platform to enable smart business solutions.

Build IoT Solutions on a Hosted Platform

Microsoft’s highly-secure, low-code/no-code IoT platform that scales with businesses as they grow.

Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets

Enable highly secure and reliable communication between your Internet of Things (IoT) application and the devices it manages.

Hotspot Manufacturer

Milesight IoT is an innovation-driven technology company with a focus on 5G, AI, IoT and LoRaWAN.

Smart Personal Safety

Developing low-power, long range connected devices for portable safety and security.

Hotspot Manufacturer

A brand created by RAK solely focused on making consumer-friendly crypto-hardware.

Marketplace of 400+ Devices

Cayenne is a free IoT project builder that empowers developers, designers and engineers.

Hotspot Provider

Nebra Indoor and Outdoor Hotpot Miners earn HNT by mining and building coverage.

IoT Solutions Platform

We develop tailored IoT solutions for data driven decisions and automation.

IoT Solution Provider

A combination of family security, property loss protection, assisted living, comfort of living and linkage.

IoT Digital Transformation

Complete IoT solutions to connect and digitalize objects, processes and machines.

Agri-Tech Solutions

Nibiaa is improving supply chain traceability and other farming challenges using IoT, blockchain, and AI technology.

Smart Parking Management

An IoT solution to identify whether parking spots are occupied or vacant in major metropolitan areas.

Smart Water Monitoring

Water metering solutions enables property owners to eliminate water waste and detect leaks.

IoT Solutions Provider

NTech provides intelligent IoT solutions for businesses and homes throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Experiential Education Ecosystem

A global IoT education initiative in 40+ schools around the globe.

LoRa Solutions

At Orkney LORA, we supply ready to use IoT (Internet of Things) devices that work over the Helium network.

Air Quality Solutions

Oxygen at Work helps companies improve office air quality with plants and air analysis.

Hotspot Vendor

We're here to help grow the coverage, utilize the network, and build solutions.

IoT Solutions

Does your organization need a custom data monitoring solution? Our world-class engineers can create powerful LoRa sensors with applications designed for you.

Environmental & Industrial Monitoring

Rural Network is an Adelaide-based company developing solutions in environmental and industrial monitoring

Get connected to the well-being of dairy cows

The bastion of the well-being of cows and sustainable growth of the cattle livestock industry aims to tokenize responsible milk production.

IoT Roaming Partner

Senet provides cloud-based managed network services for highly scalable LoRaWAN® IoT solution deployments.

Digitalization Infrastructure Management & Sensors

Sensative leverages IoT for cities and CRE, empowering them with smart sensors and digitalization management technologies.

Hotspot Manufacturer

SenseCAP M1 is a high-performing, ready-to-use LoRaWAN indoor gateway.

Smart Building Solutions

Enterprise IoT platform for commercial real estate.

Industrial-grade Sensors and Cloud-Based Services

Senzary offers asset tracking, process analytics, smart building management, predictive maintenance, and more.

Feedback from the field

We collect feedback from the field: satisfaction surveys, proof of passage, on demand services.

Innovative Custom Solutions

Experts in producing tracking systems, security of goods, objects, and people, and customized sensor solutions.

IoT Hosting Provider

SkyNet IoT is the largest independent LoRaWAN® multi-provider for the urban, agricultural, industrial, railway, port, offshore and marine market.

IoT Deployments and Solutions

Smart Farm, Smart City, and Smart Home Solutions

Network and Hardware Provider

Stofl aims to foster growth and rapid adoption of technology in order to improve our world.

Real-Time Data Platform

Distribute data over a global open source P2P network and help build the new data economy.

IoT Toolkit

Tools for businesses to manage devices, store data, run analytics, and integrate services.

IoT Toolkit

Full-service GPS tracking solutions for livestock operations

Advanced Cloud Integration Platform

Advanced integration of LPWA devices to Microsoft Azure.

LoRaWAN Operator

We guarantee your devices connect.

Utility Monitoring

We offer an IoT service for remote consumption metering of water, gas and electricity.

Tracking Solutions

We build tracking technology for those looking to track their assets and empower decisions.

IoT Toolkit

Rapidly assemble and launch IoT applications without having to write code or hire development teams.

Smarter Pest Control

The leader in rodent control since 1898, Victor knows how to help you get rid of pests quickly.

Location Tracking & Theft Recovery

Compact and rugged trackers combined with proven theft recovery

Community-powered global weather network

WeatherXM rewards weather station owners and provides accurate weather services to Web3 enterprises.

IoT platform combining hardware and software for end-to-end solutions

Creating sustainable supply chains today for a healthier planet tomorrow.

IoT Roaming Partner

X-TELIA is a Canadian IoT network leader offering end-to-end IoT solutions.

Helium Case Studies

In our Uplink Series we explore how companies are utilizing The People's Network through in-depth interviews.

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