Smart Agriculture

The People's Network enables innovative and cost-effective solutions for farmers and growers, from soil and environmental monitoring to livestock and asset tracking.

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Improve your Operations with Helium

Joining The People's Network enables solutions to pressing agricultural challenges through:

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Affordable Coverage

Providing low-cost and reliable coverage for hundreds of asset tracking, resource monitoring, and fleet management devices

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Powerful Integrations

Enabling secure and real-time data that can be integrated with platforms like Azure IoT Hub and AWS

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Massive Ecosystem

Access to an ecosystem of resources for a wide-range of solutions

Remote Environment Monitoring

Accurately monitor soil and temperature conditions, greenhouse conditions, smart irrigation, and more, enabling more informed business and operational decision to maximize production.

Data-Tracking & Reporting

Data compiled from sensors reduces wasted inventory due to faulty irrigation, weather-related issues, and more, as well as lowers overall operational costs with more accurate forecasting using data-based decisions.

Real-Time Shipment & Asset Tracking

Get real-time data on major shipments being delivered or farm equipment spread out over large-acreage areas. Monitor the location and condition of livestock to help prevent losses and save on operational costs.

Build on
The People's Network

  • The largest contiguous wireless network in the world provides extensive coverage, reducing the need to purchase and manage additional infrastructure
  • Highly competitive connectivity costs enable initiatives to scale — the average sensor costs only $1.05 per year (for a sensor sending data every 5 minutes)
  • Accessible and easy to use with compatible off-the-shelf LoRaWan devices
  • Built on open source standards, increasing access to open source projects that attract companies to build and/or utilize smart devices and avoid issues such as vendor lock-in and high hardware costs
Portrait of Matthew Hofmeyr

With Helium, we now have a reliable and secure out-of-the-box connectivity solution that our channel partners, businesses and consumers can deploy quickly and easily, substantially accelerating time to market.

Matthew Hofmeyr, VP of Sales - North America at Digital Matter

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Case Studies

Greenmetrics Solution Enables 14-28% Savings in Irrigation Costs with Top 10 Golf Courses in Portugal

OPEN and the Forestry Training Institute in Liberia Measure CO2 and Greenhouse Gases to Support Climate Research

LoneStar Selects The People’s Network as their Preferred Network Provider for Asset Tracking

Portrait of Thomas Remmert

The Helium Network allows us to maintain a high level of security and encryption, to keep your data private.

Thomas Remmert, Co-founder and CTO of LoneStar Tracking

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