Smart Cities

The People's Network enables smart city solutions ranging from public safety to resource and energy management, providing a higher quality of life for citizens along with cost-saving initiatives for decision-makers.

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See how the city of San Jose is utilizing the Helium Network

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Improve your Operations with Helium

Joining The People's Network enables solutions for cities and municipalities through:

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Affordable Coverage

Providing low-cost and reliable coverage for hundreds of parking management, water monitoring, air quality monitoring, and energy management devices

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Powerful Integrations

Enabling secure and real-time data that can be integrated with platforms like Azure IoT Hub and AWS

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Massive Ecosystem

Access to an ecosystem of resources for a wide-range of solutions

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Helium Console

Allows users to easily collect data and analyze data, informing cost-saving saving decisions by city leaders

Air Quality Monitoring

Accurately monitor air quality both inside and outside, allowing for more proactive safety measures such as issuing AQI alerts to the general public

Water Management & Leak Detection

Get alerts for both water and gas leaks, allowing responsible parties to be notified in real-time while saving on costs associated with damage and water/gas bills

Smart Parking Management

Utilize low-cost smart parking systems that alert drivers to the nearest open parking spot, reducing congestion and benefiting the environment by cutting down on driving time

Build on
The People's Network

  • The largest contiguous wireless network in the world provides extensive coverage, reducing the need to purchase and manage additional infrastructure
  • Highly competitive connectivity costs enable initiatives to scale — the average sensor costs only $1.05 per year (for a sensor sending data every 5 minutes)
  • Accessible and easy to use with compatible off-the-shelf LoRaWan devices
  • Built on open source standards, increasing access to open source projects that attract companies to build and/or utilize smart devices and avoid issues such as vendor lock-in and high hardware costs

San Jose

A smart city powered by The People's Network

Access to the Internet is Not Equal

The City of San José announced the launch of a new initiative on The People's Network to bridge the digital divide and bring innovative Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to its citizens. San José is the very first city to officially join the rapidly expanding ecosystem and use Helium's blockchain-based incentive model to increase internet access for more than 1,300 low-income families.

Read more on the announcement here.

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This first-of-its-kind partnership between the Mayor's Office, Helium, and CETF represents one of many innovative public-private partnership models that we're advancing to bridge the digital divide for residents.

Sam Liccardo, Mayor of City of San Jose

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Case Studies

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We see The People's Network as the future of connectivity, and we are proud to be a partner in its global growth.

Wiktor Warchalowski, CEO of Airly

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