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Helium delivers a faster way for developers to build IoT devices with over 200x the range of Wi-Fi, and up to 50x the battery life at a fraction the cost compared to cellular.

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Why Develop on The People’s Network?

With The People’s Network, developers rapidly create applications without the need to deploy network infrastructure, while eliminating high costs and short battery life associated with cellular networks.

"We’re excited to build new farming applications running on Helium’s new wireless network to collect more data and allow farmers to make smarter operational decisions.”

Matthew Sanford

CEO Agulus

“Clean Water AI has won a number of awards for its unique combination of artificial intelligence, hardware, and connectivity to identify bacteria in water using pattern recognition and machine learning. Helium has been a critical component in our system to deliver data from the edge to our cloud for analysis.”

Peter Ma

Founder Clean Water AI

"We use a multidisciplinary approach to help Fortune 500 companies accelerate their digital transformation. We've chosen Helium for a number of customer engagements who require an affordable, scalable way to collect data from assets to increase operational efficiency.”

Jeremy Jarrett

Senior Vice President, Kinetic Vision

Start Building on
The People's Network

Developers can solve IoT use cases faster with robust network coverage, developer tools, and an open-source approach.

Harness the network

Whether rapid prototyping or building production applications, only Helium Console allows IoT developers to fully harness the power of the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network.

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Start building quicker

A wide range of tools and documentation help developers build LongFi-enabled devices via Arduino, ST HAL, and Rust. Also included are instructions to build a Hotspot, transmit data to preferred endpoints, and much more.

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Leverage commodity hardware

Developers can use off-the-shelf commodity hardware with our open-source core technology without any proprietary licensing fees.

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Network Coverage

The Helium Network aims to provide a new, scalable method for long-range, low power IoT device communications.

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Kickstart your development

Want a platform to kickstart your development? Helium’s development kit includes the following boards:

Click here for a developer kit tutorial: helium.com/devkit. helium.com/devkit.

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