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The People’s Network enables developers to connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible by delivering secure, ubiquitous, and affordable wireless coverage.

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Network Coverage

The Helium Network aims to provide a new, scalable method for long-range, low power IoT device communications.

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People's Network

The Helium Hotspot allows you to earn Helium cryptocurrency for providing your city’s IoT devices with wireless internet access.

Developer Guides

Here you’ll find a wide range of documentation detailing how to build a device that utilizes Helium’s Long-Fi protocol, how to build your own hotspot, how to transmit data to your preferred endpoint, and much more.

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Sample Code

Jump-start your development using these sample projects. Here you can learn to build out LongFi-enabled devices via Arduino, ST HAL and Rust.

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Device Configuration Dashboard

Console is Helium’s configuration dashboard that lets you create and onboard devices to route packets to your preferred endpoint.

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Why Develop on the People’s Network?

Helium offers a ubiquitous, highly-secure and decentralized network for IoT devices, at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

The People’s Network utilizes an unlicensed 915 MHz spectrum, and enables developers to build low-power devices using off-the-shelf components, pre-certified LoRa modules and onboard them frictionlessly.

How to get a development kit?

Want a platform to kickstart your development? Helium develops internally using the following two boards:

Don’t have network coverage in your area? Please reach out at developer@helium.com for a Hotspot.

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