of Networks

Unlock Protocols

Capture Usage

Grow HNT


Unlock Networks

Helium should be more than IoT. Any network infrastructure (e.g., 5G or Wi-Fi) can utilize its incentive model.

Capture Usage

These networks are growing in size year on year and handle zettabytes of data.

Grow HNT

Data Credits would be needed to use all Helium networks, which are created by burning HNT.

Our Mission

To rapidly build open, community-owned, and resilient global wireless networks.

With HIP51, we have an opportunity to build a future where all internet traffic flows through the Helium Network.

More Networks.
More Usage.

To unlock the full potential of the Helium Network the same incentive model for new network protocols such as 5G, Wi-Fi, and VPN can be used.

The more networks using Helium, the more network traffic and Data Credits used. This increases the overall value of the Helium Network.

Netflix & Earn

On average, Netflix uses 6GB of data to stream an HD film. If this was streamed over the Helium 5G Network, it would be paid for in Data Credits by the viewer and the Hotspot owner would earn MOBILE for providing connectivity.

New Tokens. Same HNT.

New network tokens can be designed to optimize growth for different phases of each network.

For the IoT network, Hotspots would start earning a new token called IOT, while 5G Hotspots would earn a token called MOBILE. All new Helium tokens will always be backed by HNT and will convert to HNT.

All network usage requires HNT for Data Credits. More demand on the network reduces the overall supply of HNT.

HIP51 Roadmap

A phased launch of HIP51 is proposed.

Phase 1

Helium 5G Hotspots will earn MOBILE.

Phase 2

Helium IoT Hotspots will earn IOT. Both MOBILE and IOT will be redeemable for HNT via the app.

Phase 3

Full implementation of HIP 51-53.


Helium Vote

Voting is now closed with support for HIP 51 at 96.94%.