Work with us.

In order to build the world's first decentralized wireless network, Helium has gathered a team with a diverse, yet complementary, skillset within radio and hardware, manufacturing, distributed systems, peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies.

And now we need you.

Senior Firmware Engineer [Rust/C]

Helium is hiring a Senior Firmware Engineer that can write embedded firmware for ARM Cortex-M4/M3 in Rust and C for IoT devices as well as write drivers and application code for a variety of peripherals...


Senior Distributed Systems Engineer

Helium is hiring a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer to help continuously improve our elections, distributed key generation and related untrusted, large scale, Byzantine Fault Tolerant systems...


Senior Elixir Engineer

Helium is hiring a Senior Elixir Engineer that can own the API between our React Native apps and the Helium Blockchain, be responsible for working with the front end team to define, design and implement fast, clean REST APIs using Elixir, Ecto, and Phoenix and work with the blockchain backend team on interfacing the API servers with the blockchain...


Senior React Native Engineer

Helium is hiring a Senior React Native Engineer that can own the iOS and Android apps built with React Native, with the ability to work and debug at the native level to support features such as Bluetooth LE and cryptography libraries, and collaborate with the API and Blockchain teams...


Senior Embedded Linux Engineer

Helium is hiring a Senior Embedded Linux Engineer that can own the Embedded Linux system on our hotspot, be responsible for minting releases and delivering over-the-air updates and write modules, drivers, and applications as needed...