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People-Powered Networks.

Start a Wireless Revolution

Powered by the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.


Latest News

5G Carrier

DISH First Major Carrier to Deploy Helium 5G

Roaming Partner

Actility and Helium Announce Roaming Integration

Roaming Announcement

Announcing Helium Roaming Partnership with Senet

Smart City

San José First City to Launch on The People’s Network

The Network is Live

The People’s Network is the world’s fastest growing wireless network ever.

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A New Way to Mine Crypto

By deploying a simple device in your home or office, you can provide your city with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and earn a new cryptocurrency, HNT.

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Mining HNT with Hotspots is done via radio technology, not expensive or wasteful GPUs.

Build Networks

Hotspots work together to form a new global wireless network and undertake ‘Proof-of-Coverage’.

Choose your Hardware

Hotspots are built by a variety of vendors to suit your needs.


Massive, Decentralized Connectivity

Hundreds of companies and thousands of developers are already building on The People’s Network, the world’s largest, and fastest growing LoRaWAN network.

Thousands of existing solutions, sensors, devices and gateways can be easily configured to run LongFi - a powerful blend of LoRaWAN and blockchain technologies.

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The People's Network is built on Open Source technology and governed by an open alliance.


Say goodbye to expensive cell contracts. On Helium a sensor can cost cents to run a year.


Utilize thousands of existing sensors, chipsets and MCUs for streamlined development.

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After many months of work and testing based on community feedback, the team is excited to announce the official release of Console 2.0! The team not only worked on new features and capabilities, but also focused on making sure migration to Console 2.0 would be seamless for existing users.

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Helium is used by:

Core Technologies.

The People's Network is made possible through sophisticated, open-source technologies that aim to create a truly decentralized and trust-less model for building wireless infrastructure.

Tokens & Data Credits

The network uses two units of exchange: HNT, a new cryptocurrency, and Data Credits.


Our novel proof-of-work algorithm enables Hotspots to be rewarded trustlessly.

Helium LongFi

LongFi combines the low-power, long-range LoRaWAN wireless protocol with the Helium Blockchain.

Our Investors.

Helium has raised equity funding from some of the most prominent Venture Capital (VC) firms in the world including Khosla Ventures, FirstMark Capital, GV (formerly Google Ventures), HSB/MunichRe Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and others.

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