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Helium is the most secure and scalable way to capture insights from smart devices. Helium powers next-generation technology that connects the physical world.

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Easily connect any device to any cloud service, wirelessly

Helium reduces your total IoT cost of operations. Our easy to deploy, low cost hardware is scalable, secure and supported by sophisticated operating tools so that you always have the control.


Compatible with your Stack

Helium's wireless and secure data routing infrastructure can be dropped in to any existing IoT application architecture.


Market-leading Wireless

Build your own secure PAN with long-range, low-power, bi-directional communication based on 802.15.4.


Simple Setup and Management

Zero-config deployment, secure routing infrastructure, and OTA updates all handled via API or Helium Dashboard.

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The complete IoT Toolkit

Helium is a simple, secure way to get data from devices to the cloud. Compatible with just about any combination of IoT hardware and cloud services, Helium will improve workflow and speed up development allowing you to focus on your business. Helium removes networking complexities for rapid and cost effective prototyping.

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Built for Developers

Helium provides a simple, yet secure way for you to get data from your device into the cloud. Whatever combination of hardware or cloud services you use.

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Securely send from Edge…

Helium’s radio technology allows for long-range, low-power communication with hardware-based security, meaning zero-configuration and authenticated data transport. Helium provides 4–250kbit/sec data rates for thousands of devices, in noisy environments, by switching between its two frequency bands on the fly. Helium can be easily set up to send data in just a few lines of code.

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…To any Cloud Service

Using Helium’s Data Channels, your device data can be routed directy to any compatible cloud platform, such as AWS or Azure, or via MQTT and HTTP. Helium Dashboard allows you to monitor and control data usage as well as manage device settings and tags.

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How does Helium compare?

There are seemingly hundreds of IoT connectivity options available today - but how many actually scale easily while maintaining their operational benefits? When choosing a connectivity strategy, it’s important to understand performance as well as ease of deployment and ongoing management.

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Security & Authentication

Helium security keys live in a vault and are based on a hardware root of trust. Each device has its own security key securely burned into the hardware at manufacturing time. Keys are managed and updated periodically, ensuring device authentication.


Stack Compatibility

Regardless of how you plan to build your connected device, Helium has got you covered. With support for all popular microcontrollers as well as major cloud platform services, Helium makes it easy to add secure, cost-effective wireless communication to your stack.


Cost-Effective Deployments

Helium’s network is an extremely easy and cost-efficient way to provide device coverage. Thousands of devices can associate with a Helium Element Access Point over miles of distance. What’s more, there is no data cost for data backhauling.


Long-Range, Low Power

The Helium Atom Module is extremely power efficient, meaning short wake and association times and years of battery life. The module’s dual band radio is logic-controlled and so actively switches channels and bands to maintain a good connection without wasting your device’s power reserves.


Device Dashboard

Helium Dashboard is a devce management, billing and configuration tool wrapped up in one. Device packets can be securely routed via Data Channels to any popular Cloud Service with data usage and signal strength constantly monitored.


Zero Configuration

Every Atom module is preflashed with its own set of physical security keys at manufacturing, meaning Helium’s router is able to authenticate with certainty that the device is legitimate and can be activated without any software pairing.

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