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Helium's flexible sensing platform allows you to pick from millions of off-the-shelf sensors and monitor any physical metric important to your business. With added data comes added insight - keep track of machine health and reliability, reduce downtimes, manage stock and explore new market opportunities. From whatever vertical you operate - Retail to Manufacturing, Mining to Pharamaceuticals – developing sensing solutions is now easy, affordable and scalable with Helium.


Helium-powered logistics solutions will allow you to keep make instant and dependable business decisions when handling millions of moving assets. The data can empower your business with new efficiencies and position your company as a leaner, smarter organization without the cost of comparable solutions.

  • Fleet Position
  • Mileage and vehicle performance
  • Pallet/Package positioning
  • RFID Gating
  • Warehouse/Stock management
  • Better visibilty to your customers
  • Report Generation
  • Traffic Routing and Alerts
and many more...
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With production comes complexity; machines that require servicing, late component deliveries and low operating efficiencies mean your business suffers from often unknown problems that are hard, if not impossible, to anticipate. Sensing solutions developed with Helium shed light on any issues.

  • Production Line Automation
  • Conveyor Counting
  • Pipe/Air/Tank pressures
  • Mechanical Tensions and speeds
  • Weight and Positioning
  • Rotational/Transverse Vibration
  • Rigidity, Stress and Shock Monitoring
  • Machine Downtimes
and many more...
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Ensuring your business is as green as possible will help your bottom line as well as help you meet new regulatory standards. With Helium, any variety of temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and other key metrics can be aggregated into custom solutions to help monitor your environment.

  • Food & Drink Storage
  • Pharmaceuticals and Health Safety
  • Industrial Air Quality Monitoring
  • Building HVAC Systems
  • CO/CO2 Vehicle/Factory Auditing
  • Wastage control
  • Server Room Monitoring
  • Meet Noise Safety Standards
and many more...
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Chris Penny

Chief Operating Officer - Cava Foods

Getting smart environmental and temperature sensors up and running and our equipment connected with Helium was surprisingly simple and easy. In the near future, we're looking into expanding the Helium IoT platform broadly across our production facilities. I estimate that, given what we learned, it will take our team about 15 minutes per production facility for the next deployments. Plus it can easily happen outside of business hours."

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