The People’s Network delivers secure, ubiquitous, and affordable wireless connectivity.

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Why use The People’s Network?

Connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible at a fraction the cost of cellular without needing to deploy and maintain wireless infrastructure.

Massive Coverage

The largest, public LoRaWAN network in the US and now available in Europe.

Miles of Range

Range is optimized for devices running on Helium LongFi. Devices can communicate 200x further than Wi-Fi.

Affordable Pricing

Connectivity costs are a fraction of those associated with cellular without the restrictions.

Helium provides the right mix of low power, high security, and robust coverage in urban locations...

Jay Langhurst


Start using the Network

Anyone can start using the network today. Follow these steps to get your devices connected to the Helium Network.

Step 1

From asset tracking to smart leak detection choose any LoRaWAN-compatible sensor.

Step 2

Onboard and manage devices with Console using the hosted or open source version.

Step 3

Analyze the data in your favorite IoT platform with Console pre-built or custom integrations.

Accelerate your deployment

We can help accelerate your project from POC to production. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

Helium vs Telcos

Connectivity costs are a fraction of those associated with cellular without the restrictions. Unlike cellular, with Helium companies never have to pay for sim cards, worry about data caps, or be charged for overage fees.





Ability to pay based on device usage

Connectivity without sim cards or related fees

Ability to pool data across devices


Unlimited data usage (no caps)

Charges for data overage


* No Overages Allowed

Simple, usage-based pricing

Everything needed to manage devices and transfer data is included with the cost of connectivity. Companies only pay based on data usage. Calculate costs based on the number of devices and how often they send data.

Data Calculator

One Packet is equivalent to 24 bytes.

Number of Devices

Device Transmits a Packet every:

Total Cost for Devices per:

Case Studies

IoT Innovation

Every year Salesforce onboards thousands of employees and during that process employees can get overwhelmed by the number of groups and resources they can leverage. To minimize friction, but still encourage participation Salesforce is building an innovative IoT program to allow employees access to these resources with a simple swipe of their badge.

A core value at Saleforce is trust – Helium allows them to focus on innovation for their application knowing that messages from devices are securely sent across the Helium network.

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"Helium provides the right mix of low power, high security, and robust coverage in urban locations that we'll need to grow this program further."

Jay Langhurst
Senior Application Architect, IT | Salesforce

Micromobility Tracking

From scooters to skateboards, from bikes to cars – micromobility solutions are taking the world by storm. With Helium, protecting your assets and your customers is simple and cost-effective.

Helium-enabled devices require no cellular contracts to relay sensor data back to your application. And using the standard Helium radio module, devices can be natively geolocated without the need for power-hungry cellular.

Start tracking with the Helium Evaluation Kit

Asset Tracking

Preventing theft and optimizing asset utilization has never been easier with Helium and Digital Matter battery-powered GPS devices.

Digital Matter’s low-power, high-precision GPS tracking devices provide vital location and movement history data, so businesses can protect and recover their most important assets. 

Learn more about Digital Matter's offerings

"Helium for the WIN. This was hands down the quickest and easiest way to get our GPS tracking devices running on LoRaWAN. "

Matthew Hofmeyr
VP of Sales | Digital Matter

Building & Asset Monitoring

Conserv relies on Helium to preserve art. Conserv works with galleries and museums to preserve priceless art and prevent damage to historical collections.

These cultural assets need to be constantly monitored for temperature, humidity, vibration, and other harmful environmental factors.

Conserv delivers real-time environmental monitoring devices running on Helium that can be used in small galleries or large art warehouses that are affordable, deliver long-range, and provide years of battery life.

Learn more about Conserv's offerings

"Before the Helium Network, IoT devices like ours had no great way to connect to the Internet."

Austin Senseman
Founder & CEO | Conserv

Educating on Sustainable Agriculture

One Planet Education Network (OPEN) selected Helium to launch a global IoT education initiative in 40+ schools around the globe. OPEN levels the playing field for students by connecting them with expert mentors to solve local infrastructure issues with advanced connectivity and IoT technologies.

Working with primary and secondary level classrooms, OPEN teaches students to use next-generation technologies to solve challenges in the real world, such as ensuring food security, monitoring the environment and climate change, and supporting emergency services.

OPEN’s goal is to link the growing list of schools it’s working with by integrating Helium's network technology as the backbone for agricultural and environmental monitoring.

Learn more about OPEN’s programs:

"The OPEN-Helium partnership is key to OPEN’s educational mission, as IoT technologies and services are becoming central components for OPEN’s international education solutions, offering school programs which support local communities, with the ultimate goal of advancing and protecting our societies in the future."

George Newman
Founder and CEO | OPEN

Occupational Health

Smart Mimic relies on Helium for COVID-19 contact tracing. Smart Mimic helps businesses mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 with their advanced, low-cost, and low-energy social distance tracker.

Smart Mimic helps businesses mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 with their advanced, low-cost, and low-energy social distance tracker.

To keep workers safe and comply with OSHA and CDC guidelines, employers must take action by promptly identifying and isolating potentially infectious workers. Helium enables Smart Mimic to focus on building applications to secure workspaces without needing companies to deploy network infrastructure.

Learn more about Smart Mimic's offerings

"Only with Helium can Smart Mimic deliver a 'Free Data Plan Forever' promise with its security and tracking solutions for customers to protect their homes, belongings, and track their valuables."

Noyan Berker
Founder & CEO | Smart Mimic

Building & Asset Monitoring

Water damage is one of the leading causes of property damage leading to expensive water bills and massive amounts of damage.

NOWI's Helium connected water metering solution enables property owners to eliminate water waste and detect leaks before they cause damage. The NOWI water meter easily installs into existing water pipes and provides realtime and historical data to our dashboard where property owners can quickly check on their status.

With NOWI alerts messages are sent directly to property owners whenever a leak or other abnormal water usage is detected. The result is the early detection of leaks and the elimination of 1000s of gallons of water waste each month.

Learn more about NOWI's offerings

"For us, choosing the Helium network was a no brainer. We needed a network with which we could run a battery-powered device on for years, is inexpensive, ubiquitous, and can reach into hard to reach areas like basements. Helium was the only network that could check all of those boxes."

Jim Fayal
Co-Founder | NOWI

Vehicle & Asset Monitoring

LoneStar selected The People’s Network to ensure each of their customers had the wireless coverage they required.

The company was started to provide an easy-to-use, affordable, and secure method of tracking vehicles and assets across the globe. Their team of GPS experts have designed and developed equipment to track almost everything imaginable across a wide array of industries, such as oil and gas, transportation, agriculture, wildlife, and more.

Learn more about LoneStar Tracking's offerings

"With The People’s Network, we rarely need to deploy infrastructure and can leverage a rapidly growing network. The price of our sensors has dropped tremendously and the Network allows us to maintain a high level of security and encryption, to keep users' data private."

Thomas Remmert
Co-Founder and CTO | LoneStar Tracking

Vehicle & Metropolitan Utilities

Nobel Systems selected The People’s Network to provide network connectivity for their new GeoViewer Parking Application, an IoT solution to identify in real-time whether parking spots are occupied or vacant in major metropolitan areas.

Specializing in IoT devices for utilities and municipalities, Nobel Systems has been a leader in its field for over 25 years, delivering real-world solutions that integrate with existing networks and devices, enabling the collection and sharing of data.

Learn more about Nobel Systems announcement

"We selected The People's Network to provide connectivity for metropolitan parking lot monitoring. Not only was it the most cost-effective choice for our application, but required the least infrastructure while also delivering the most expansive wireless networking range."

Michael Samuel
President | Nobel Systems

Air Quality Monitoring

Airly selected The People’s Network to track air quality around the globe, and help provide the data and tools necessary to inform and alert the public of unseen dangers lurking in the air and around their homes and businesses.

Their devices and air quality mapping application allow citizens, businesses, and governments to identify the locations and concentrations of dangerous airborne emissions capable of harming human health and the environment.

Learn more about Airly's offerings

"We needed an IoT network with reach and scalability. Helium’s LoRaWAN technology allows us to scale our reach while being independent of data providers to continue growing the number of active sensors globally without added costs. We see The People’s Network as the future of connectivity and are proud to be a partner in its global growth."

Wiktor Warchałowski
CEO | Airly

Rapid IoT Prototyping

Cayenne from myDevices is a free, drag and drop IoT project builder, that empowers developers, designers and engineers to quickly prototype and share their connected device projects.

Cayenne helps users create Internet of Things prototypes and then bring them to production. It supports hundreds of devices, including everything from popular development boards to professional grade remote sensors.

Helium provides seamless integration with myDevices Cayenne allowing developers to rapidly visualize their sensor data. Instructions from myDevices to connect sensors running on The People’s Network can be found on our documentation.

Build with myDevices Cayenne

"The Helium Console pre-built myDevices Cayenne integration lets IoT developers rapidly connect supported devices on The People’s Network and instantly visualize, manage, and control connected devices with myDevices."

Adrian Sanchez del Campo
VP of Engineering | myDevices

Health Monitoring

CareBand relies on Helium for its wearable connectivity. CareBand combines cutting-edge location and activity monitoring technologies to empower people with dementia and their caregivers.

Seniors living in assisted facilities are at risk of wandering outside of safe areas causing challenges for caregivers to track their resident’s movement or behavior trend.

With Helium, CareBand’s real-time monitoring wearables provide pinpoint location accuracy, and last for years helping reduce death and injuries due to wandering by people with dementia. More info about their offerings here.

Learn more about CareBand’s offerings

"CareBand chose Helium for our connectivity because of their ubiquitous coverage, low cost, and ease of use. Working with Helium allows CareBand to focus on what we do best, building exceptional wearables."

Adam Sobol
CEO | CareBand

Pet Location Monitoring

Invisileash is partnering with Helium to build a portfolio of smart, affordable pet products starting with smart collars that ensure pets are never lost.

Their smart collars allow owners to monitor their pet’s location in real time even over many miles of distance using sub-Ghz frequency running on a ubiquitous, affordable network.

Using Helium, there's no need to change batteries for years, since the network has embedded tracking which provides accurate location without power-hungry and expensive GPS or cellular components.

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"With Helium we can deliver affordable, smart collars with tracking capabilities that just weren’t possible before. Owners will always know where their pets are in real time even over miles of range running on batteries that last for years."

Greg Gotts
CEO & Founder | Invisileash

Agriculture Monitoring

Agulus is pushing the boundaries of agtech by automating specialty irrigation infrastructure for farms across the eastern United States.

With Helium’s bi-directional capabilities, Agulus can monitor and actuate any piece of equipment within miles of the nearest coverage- providing hotspot.

Agulus uses Helium to collect data from field deployments and relay commands back to a cloud-based control center, allowing them to automate irrigation valves, pumps and sprayers. This also results in streamlined cost accounting for tracked assets and controlled systems.

Chat to us about Agriculture Monitoring

"Nothing was as cost effective and as easy as the Helium technology."

Matt Sanford
Founder & CEO | Agulus