State of IoT Asset Tracking

2021 Report

Asset tracking continues to be one of the most popular IoT use cases, with the global IoT-supported asset tracking market expected to account for over 90 percent of all connected enterprise and industrial solutions by 2030.

Helium conducted primary research in 2019 and 2020 to better understand customer asset tracking use cases. This year, with Digital Matter we completed a similar initiative, and with nearly 2600 respondents, gained even more valuable insights into asset tracking demand and major barriers to implementation.

Most-Tracked Assets

Find out which assets are being tracked most frequently

Rise of New Technologies

Find out what is replacing certain legacy technologies for asset tracking

Major Barriers

Discover the reasons why some are not currently tracking assets

Emerging Trends

3 Years of trends and comparisons for asset tracking demand, technology and use cases

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Asset tracking solutions running on the Helium Network allow businesses to remotely track and trace assets, collect location data in real time, and cryptographically prove asset location using the Helium Blockchain.


Accurately track and trace assets across large geographic regions with low-cost, long-lasting commodity trackers.


Collect real time data for assets onsite or in transit.


Spend less than $1.05 per tracker per year (for a tracker sending data every 5 minutes).

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