Helium Analog
Extension Board


The Helium Analog Extension Board measures DC voltage (0-24V) and current (0-500mA) and works with analog sensors that vary voltage or current depending on their reading. Common sensor standards include 0-5V, 0-10V and 4-20mA and are often seen in automotive and industrial applications.

The Helium Analog Extension Board uses the INA219 current/power monitor.

For Digital input/output (reading switches, driving LEDS, etc), check out the Helium Digital Extension Board.

*Requires a Helium Development Board for full functionality.

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System Features

  • Power, ground, and analog connector for standard analog sensors
  • Zero-configuration on-boarding; automatic connection to nearest Helium Element access point when attached to Helium Atom Development Board
  • Long range dual-band wireless connectivity, switches between 2.4Ghz and sub-Ghz as required in noisy environments

Tech Specs

Networking standards IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency Band 915 MHz & 2.4Ghz (North America)
868 MHz & 2.4Ghz (EU)
Security Hardware-based encryption, authentication and authorization with Helium Atom Development Board


Access to
Helium Cloud

  • Helium Atom-based development boards: Up to 2 boards: Free. 3+ boards: $4 per month
  • Helium Element Access Point (Ethernet): 1 Element: Free. 2+ Elements: $10 per month
  • Helium Element Access Point (Cellular, Wifi, Ethernet): $40 per month
  • Virtual Sensors: Free.
  • Secure network access
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Support for hardware and software
  • Security patches
  • Firmware updates