Helium Products

Helium provides everything developers need to prototype an IoT application and take hardware into production, including the actual production itself. We do this because we’ve built every piece of the stack required to connect your sensors and build your solution – so you don’t need to. Our products span hardware and software to let you develop easily and speed up your shipping time.

Atom Devices

Atom Devices attach to your products and allow them to connect to the web through Helium.

Requires: Helium Element Access Point

Atom Development Board

Helium's Atom Development Board allows you to quickly build wireless sensing solutions using Helium.

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4-20mA Smart Sensor Adapter

A smart sensor adapter allowing existing industrial 4-20mA sensors to wirelessly connect to Helium.

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Atom Wireless Application Module

Production-ready dual-band wireless application module, with ARM Cortex M4 MCU, 32MB flash memory, and 2.4Ghz and sub-Ghz in an easy-to-integrate package.

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Extension Boards

Extension boards allow you to attach a variety of off-the-shelf digital and analog sensors for rapid sensor deployments.

Requires: Helium Atom Dev Board

Analog Extension Board

An analog extension board that allows you to connect sensors that send analog signals.

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Digital Extension Board

A digital extension board that allows you to connect sensors that send digital signals.

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Access Points

Access Points create network coverage for any end nodes in their range. There is no limit to the number of connected devices per Access Point.

Helium Element Access Point

An 802.15.4 gateway with Ethernet and Cellular connectivity. When deployed, Helium Atom-powered devices within range will automatically connect and send data to the Cloud via the Access Point.

Development Kit

Helium Development Kit

The Helium Development Kit is the easiest way to get started with building sensing applications with Helium.