Connected Operating System

HeliumOS is the operating system of choice for IoT and offers best-in-class features for application developers.

What is HeliumOS?

HeliumOS is a connected operating system that enables all Helium Devices to be secure, programmable, power efficient and upgradeable over the air. The features of HeliumOS span from Helium-powered devices and Helium Element Access Points to the Helium Cloud, allowing your developers to securely access and directly control your Helium deployments at massive scale.

Powerful Scripting

HeliumOS abstracts complex security handling, data routing, power management, and data storage so you can focus on building your product.

Over-the-Air Updates

HeliumOS manages all software updates via a secure Helium Cloud connection, so all devices run the newest features.

Energy Efficiency

HeliumOS lets you perform computations at the edge and will automatically optimize radio usage to conserve battery life.


Helium Script lets you express complex business logic, right at the edge of the network on your Helium-powered device. Using Helium Script, it is now possible to take a modern cloud-based approach to embedded programming, treating your low power connected device as a piece of software that is programmed via a modern REST API.

Take advantage of powerful primitives that remove complex embedded programming challenges like peripheral communication, wireless networking and on-device data storage. When going to production, release over the air updates to all deployed sensors just like in the prototyping phase.

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Hardware Abstractions

HeliumOS allows for easy integration of nearly any sensor because the traditional embedded programming conventions are abstracted away. With the connected operating system, you never have to directly manage pins as part of your embedded IoT solution again. Any off-the-shelf sensor can be integrated with the Helium Atom and configured by writing Helium Script.

OTA Updates

Device updates occur seamlessly and consume minimal battery power. Not only are your devices always up to date with your latest application logic, but also receive critical updates from the Helium Cloud without any action required from you or your customers. HeliumOS is robust enough that you can always be confident it will be online and running the latest software updates.

Energy efficiency

Helium is designed from the ground up to maximize energy efficiency for connected devices with local compute resources and edge programmability. The application processor on the Helium Atom is designed to use a tiny amount of power when awake, and can perform local analysis and transformation of data in order to transmit only the data that matters.

Helium's 802.15.4-based wireless networking sends and receives data quickly and efficiently. This minimizes the amount of transmit time over-the-air, and unlike WiFi products, Helium devices manage wake and sleep cycles to maximize battery life. All of these components combine to give unparalleled energy efficiency.


Security is an integral component of HeliumOS, with each Helium device containing its own hardware root of trust with cloud-based security controls and procedures. This allows encryption, authentication and authorization to work together so that all your data is kept safe through its entire life cycle.

Only your devices can join your Helium deployment, and Helium will verify all device data as being authentic. Physical devices can be disabled from the Helium Cloud to prevent malicious use in the case of theft or other loss.