Helium Atom

Wireless Application Module

Helium's Atom module lies at the core of your connected products and comes in a drop-in form factor for easy PCB design and manufacturing.

Connect, Code and Sense in Minutes

The Helium Atom connects your device to your applications and services quickly and easily. The Atom Development Board allows rapid prototyping and is compatible with thousands of existing off-the-shelf sensors.

Advanced Wireless

The Atom intelligently switches between 2.4Ghz and sub-GHz to provide an optimal and reliable connection to your product.

Development Kits

Get everything you need to begin building your Internet of Things product. Includes Atom Development board and accessories.

Highly Secure

All Helium devices contain a hardware root of trust for encryption, authentication and authorization.

Worry-free, Long-range Wireless.

All Helium devices feature zero configuration onboarding, so your product connects seamlessly to your Helium Element Access Point as soon as they are powered. No passwords or any network details are required to get your Helium Atoms online.

The Atom operates on both 2.4Ghz and sub-GHz frequencies, intelligently switching between the two based on network conditions to provide the strongest possible connection. And with range exceeding a range of several city blocks in a dense urban environment, or hundreds of square miles in a rural environment, your devices have unparalleled freedom.

Program Helium like the rest of your Technology Stack

The Helium Atom easily fits into the rest of your technology stack with API endpoint-based management and configurability exposed by HeliumOS, such as Helium Script, sleep cycles and battery reporting.

All software updates are delivered via the Helium Cloud and occur seamlessly, ensuring that you can update devices in the field (or just on your desk) in seconds.

Ditch the power cord

Battery life is critical for long-lived sensor networks. Helium Atom-based smart devices can run for several years with common battery types. And since they are programmable with Helium Script, you have fine-grained control over sample and transmission rates to customize battery life for your application and operational needs.

Prototype one device and seamlessly scale to millions

Start with the Helium Development kit and go to production. The Atom in your end product will behave exactly as it did on your Development board, allowing a smooth development experience whether you are dealing with one device or millions.

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Atom Development Board

Helium's Atom Development Board allows you to quickly build wireless sensing solutions using Helium.

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4-20mA Smart Sensor Adapter

A smart sensor adapter allowing existing industrial 4-20mA sensors to wirelessly connect to Helium.

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Atom Wireless Application Module

Production-ready dual-band wireless application module, with ARM Cortex M4 MCU, 32MB flash memory, and 2.4Ghz and sub-Ghz in an easy-to-integrate package.

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Start with hardware encryption.
End with secure data.

Helium's security controls extend all the way to your end application so you can rest easy knowing that your sensor data is safe from prying eyes and protected from security threats like man in the middle attacks.

First, each Helium device contains a hardware-based encryption component preventing data decryption during transport.

A key management system in the Helium Cloud authenticates the device via security key.

The encrypted data becomes available to your end application via Helium's RESTful APIs accessed with your authorized API key.

Additional Features

MCU & Memory

An onboard ARM Cortex M4 provides powerful local computing capability and is paired with 32MB external flash memory for data storage and firmware image staging.

Tiny footprint

The Helium Atom provides maximum power at minimum size, enabling integration into a wide range of devices and form factors.

FCC, IC, ETSI compliant

The Atom module is certified under FCC, IC and ETSI wireless standards for seamless embedding into commercial products worldwide.