Helium Evaluation Kit

For Tracking Applications

The Helium Evaluation Kit: Tracking provides everything required to start collecting location data from tracked assets over long ranges without requiring cellular.

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What's Included?

The kit includes:

  • Compact IP67 rugged weather-proof trackers (batteries included)
  • Unlimited network connectivity for 3 months
  • Integration with backend of choice or Helium Cargo
  • Helium Hotspots (optional)

Also included Helium support for the first 3 months.

To effectively use the Evaluation Kit follow these steps:

Ensure network coverage

Check network coverage here. If your area needs coverage, deploy Hotspots in the location you plan on evaluating.

Attach Tracker

Attach the tracker to whatever asset needs tracking.

Begin Tracking

Use Helium Cargo, a tracking evaluation tool, or we can help integrate with your own visualization platform.