Build Faster.

Design and manufacture your IoT hardware with expert ODMs and contract manufacturing partners. Create your application using the knowledge of our software development network. Delight your customers with new solutions.

We'll help you build amazing products. Fast.

Focus on your business value. With Helium, you can accelerate every aspect of the development cycle from prototype to mass production of hardware as well as the end application that lives on web and mobile devices. It's not just technology we've built - Helium has partnerships with major ODMs, contract manufacturers and expert software developers to accelerate the path to market for products that integrate Helium.


Ordering and producing Helium integrations is just like any other electronic manufacturing services job, since we've trained our assembly houses and stocked modules with them. Our device manufacturing partners have experience integrating designs and manufacturing new ones.


Utilizing our development partners, create custom business logic that runs on your Helium-enabled devices to tweak parameters like sample and transmission rates, optimizing battery life and other variables for your specific application.

Fast Fabrication

Quick turn manufacturing of Helium Atom modules onto your printed circuit board design can be delivered in under a week with our network of contract manufacturers.


Once your hardware is ready to bring to market, employ our network of contract manufacturers to scale production to tens, or hundreds of thousands of units. These partners already have experience with incorporating Helium modules into new electronic devices, and we'll be available throughout the process to make sure things go smoothly.


Making hardware available at scale is only part of your business. Helium's deep roots in software platform development allow us to vet and provide the best possible software firms to create the end representation of your data for your customers. All applications can consume your Helium device data via our rich RESTful APIs. Whether the end user is a web visitor or a mobile app user, we've got you covered.

Support & SLAs

Keeping users happy is how repeat business happens. Our partner network extends to companies that can guarantee your cloud architecture uptime as well as handle common customer service responsibilities like phone support, issue tracking tickets and shipping labels for returns.