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Helium enables companies to connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible by delivering secure, ubiquitous, and affordable wireless coverage.

Focus on your business, not the connectivity.

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Why Helium?

Helium helps companies solve connectivity challenges without expensive cell plans or worrying about building and maintaining wireless infrastructure.

Simple, usage-based pricing

Everything needed to manage devices and transfer data is included with the cost of connectivity.

Companies only pay based on data usage. Calculate costs based on the number of devices and how often they send data.

How much will it cost me?

Price of Data Credit = $0.00001

Bytes per packet = 24

Number of Devices

Device Transmits a Packet every:

Total Cost for Devices per:

Helium vs Telcos

Connectivity costs are a fraction of those associated with cellular without the restrictions. Unlike cellular, with Helium companies never have to pay for sim cards, worry about data caps, or be charged for overage fees.





Ability to pay based on device usage

Connectivity without sim cards or related fees

Ability to pool data across devices


Unlimited data usage (no caps)

Charges for data overage


* No Overages Allowed


Range is optimized for devices running on Helium LongFi. This opens up a number of use cases including asset tracking, supply chain/logistics, and agricultural technology.


WI-FI (300FT)


Micromobility Tracking

From scooters to skateboards, from bikes to cars – micromobility solutions are taking the world by storm. With Helium, protecting your assets and your customers is simple and cost-effective.

Helium-enabled devices require no cellular contracts to relay sensor data back to your application. And using the standard Helium radio module, devices can be natively geolocated without the need for power-hungry cellular.

Start tracking with the Helium Evaluation Kit here.


Invisileash is partnering with Helium to build a portfolio of smart, affordable pet products starting with smart collars that ensure pets are never lost.

Their smart collars allow owners to monitor their pet’s location in real time even over many miles of distance using sub-Ghz frequency running on a ubiquitous, affordable network.

Using Helium, there's no need to change batteries for years, since the network has embedded tracking which provides accurate location without power-hungry and expensive GPS or cellular components.

"With Helium we can deliver affordable, smart collars with tracking capabilities that just weren’t possible before. Owners will always know where their pets are in real time even over miles of range running on batteries that last for years."

Greg Gotts, CEO & Founder


Nestle’s ReadyRefresh business unit is a beverage delivery service that provides refreshments to homes and businesses.

Nestle was looking for ways to proactively serve customers before they ran out of water to improve customer satisfaction and increase the amount of water sold.

Helium and our development partners built a retrofit kit that could be deployed quickly by field staff to add connectivity to water coolers. This capability delivers a real-time view of fill levels extending the level of service they can offer customers.


Agulus is pushing the boundaries of agtech by automating specialty irrigation infrastructure for farms across the eastern United States.

With Helium’s bi-directional capabilities, Agulus can monitor and actuate any piece of equipment within miles of the nearest coverage- providing hotspot.

Agulus uses Helium to collect data from field deployments and relay commands back to a cloud-based control center, allowing them to automate irrigation valves, pumps and sprayers. This also results in streamlined cost accounting for tracked assets and controlled systems.

"Nothing was as cost effective and as easy as the Helium technology."

Matt Sanford, Founder & CEO

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The Helium Network went live on August 1, 2019 and now creates coverage in 745+ cities nationwide and is growing daily.

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