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Helium On Air Episode 2 - IoT Edge Programming and Helium Script

Last week’s episode of Helium On Air was all about Helium Script and how it makes programming edge logic for devices and sensors easy. Marc Nijdam, Helium CTO, was the technical firepower on the live stream and he walked viewers through our motivations for writing Helium Script and how we approached building this critical piece of developer tooling.

The recording of the discussion and the slides we used are below. Make sure you watch until the end. Marc does a quick walkthrough of some production Helium Script and then gives a live demo of what it’s like to write and deploy scripts when working with a Helium Development Board. And if you want to get your hands on the hardware he’s using in the stream and write some Helium Script yourself, buy a Helium Dev Kit. You won’t be disappointed.


Mark and the Helium Team