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Helium On Air Episode 1 - Platform Overview

On January 6th we kicked off a series of live chats on the Helium Youtube channel called Helium On Air. With Helium on Air, the goal is to have conversations with members of our team and the developer/customer community about Helium’s technology, use cases, and other relevant IOT topics.

We’ll be doing three of these in January, and Episode 2 is planned for 1PM on Friday, January 13th. In this installment we’ll be taking a look at Helium OS and Helium Script, two pieces of the Helium stack that contribute in a huge way to enabling developers to move faster when building applications. Specifically, the combination of OS and Script give developers an enviroment for writing and deploying programs that run on sensors in the field. You should join us.

Episode 1 was a general overview of the Helium Platform, so if you’re looking for a primer on why you should be using Helium to build IoT applications, this is where you should start. The slides we used are also available below.

Enjoy. And make sure to subscribe to the Helium Youtube channel to stay current on future episodes and other new content.

Mark and the Helium Team