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Helium Dashboard Release - March 29, 2017

Happy Wednesday. Here are the details on the most-recent release of Helium Dashboard that we shipped earlier this week.

Mark and the Helium Team


Sensors are now “Atoms”

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working to standardize some of our user-facing terminology across the Helium Platform. While some of this work is still in flight, this release of Helium Dashboard sees the arrival of Atoms. You should notice this being used in various parts of the UI where Sensors or Sensor appeared previously. Moving forward we’ll be using the term Atom in the Helium Dashboard as the name for any device in Helium, both physical and virtual. We’re still working to fix this in a few pieces of documentation, so please bear with us as this comes together. (Note: For the moment, sensor is still the term used to describe a device in the API.)

Revamped Information Section for Atoms and Virtual Atoms

We cleaned up and expanded the Information tab for your Atoms and Virtual Atoms. While most of the data and functionality is the same as in previous releases, we moved the Atom and Virtual Atoms renaming capailities into this section. Here’s what you can now expect to see:

Atom Information Tab

Deleting Virtual Atoms

New in this release is the ability to delete a Virtual Atom via the Helium Dashboard. (Previouly it was only possible to do this via the Helium API). To make this easier, we’ve added a Delete button to the Information tab of Virtual Atoms. Here’s how it works:

Delete Virtual Sensor

Other Features of Note:

  • Helium Dashboard is now supported on all versions of IE 9 and newer.
  • When a new Atom or Virtual Atom is added to your Helium Organization, a [NEW] label is affixed to the left of the name. The [NEW] label will appear for 48 hours. It looks like this:

New Sensor

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, newly-created Labels could not be added to another Atom or Virtual Atom because that Label never appeared as an option for them. This has been fixed.
  • We simplified some confusing language that was present when adding an Atom to a Label.
  • We now hide all invoices where the value is zero. (For your free Atoms and Elements we still generate invoices but they are for $0.00.)