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Helium Dashboard Release - March 16, 2017

We just cut and deployed a new release of Helium Dashboard. (This happens quite frequently and we’re going to try keep the blog current with all new release details moving forward). Here’s a quick look at the bigger features and fixes.


New Label Creation

New in this release is a way to create labels on the fly without first selecting sensors. In the Labels UI there is now an input box in the lower left-hand corner. Here’s how it works.

Label Creation Gif

Other Features of Note:

  • For a given sensor visualization, Helium Dashboard will now graph user-defined ports first from top to bottom. Read more about Helium port here.
  • We added support for the Europe / Berlin Timezone. You can change your timezone settings here.

Bug Fixes

  • Helium Elements will now show the correct number of connected sensors when viewing your Element list.
  • We fixed a small issue with form height in the Settings UI.

What’s Next?

As usual, keep the feedback and usage coming. We’re already heads down on the next release of Helium Dashboard. In the meantime, here’s what you should be doing to use Helium:

  • If you already have a Helium Dashboard account, log in to see the latest and greatest.
  • If you still need access to Helium Dashboard and the rest of the Helium Platform, head to the Helium Store and pick up a Helium Development Kit or one of our new Helium Packaged Sensing Kits.
  • We’re always available in chat.helium.com or @helium