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Announcing New Helium Cloud Subscription Pricing - Free Tier Now Available

Since launching the Helium Development Kit a few months ago, we’ve had the chance to gather feedback from developers and companies across a variety of IoT use cases and verticals building on Helium: everything from connnected homebrewing to temperature sensing in biopharmaceutical laboraties.

One thing we kept hearing from the community was that our Cloud Subscription Pricing model was too restrictive. We weren’t giving users enough freedom to build and test different sensing solutions on Helium before they hit the paid subscription tier. Helium’s Cloud Subscription pricing is based on the number of Helium Atoms and Helium Element Access Points you have deployed.

We listened, and starting today, we have a revised cloud subscription pricing model. Moving forward there will be three pricing tiers: Free, Professional, and Enterprise. Here’s how they breakdown by tier.

Plan Name Monthly Subscription Atom Limit Element Limit Monthly API Calls
Free $0 10 Unlimited 1,000,000
Professional $30 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Enterprise Custom Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

In other words, if you have less than 11 Helium Atoms, you’ll never have to pay for anything besides your Helium Hardware components. Cellular-backed Elements will still require a paid subscription. Overall though, this pricing better aligns with our goal of lowering the barrier to entry build and deploy sensing applications. If you’re a developer with an IoT application, we want Helium and our complete toolkit to be the most obvious choice. We strive to make our hardware and software components the best on the market, so our pricing should be no different.

Packaged Sensing Kits, Massive Updates to Helium Dashboard, and More

We have a lot more in the pipeline for product and feature updates. Packaged Helium Sensing Kits are now available if you want to quickly deploy things like Environmental, Motion, or Air Quality sensing on Helium. Helium Dashboard is also about to get a series of huge feature upgrades including a graphical interface called Flows for building sensor data pipelines between services and APIs; and an integrated IDE for writing and deploying Helium Script over the air. More on all of these soon…

As always, if you have any quetions or ideas, join us in chat.helium.com.

Enjoy and thanks for being a part of Helium.

Mark and the Helium Team