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The Helium Developer Platform makes extracting physical data fast and easy.

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  • "The Helium platform has impressive technical architecture,
    and is easy to manage from both the edge and the cloud."

  • "All of Helium's sensors are designed to be
    secure, and they're painless to install"

  • "The Helium team has solved many of the issues that have tripped
    up previous industry attempts at building an IoT platform."

  • "What's probably most interesting about Helium's product
    is that it's focused on the software, not the sensors."

What is Helium?

Helium is a full stack IoT Developer Platform for designing, building and deploying enterprise-grade sensing solutions. Our simple yet powerful Hardware, comprehensive RESTful API and a suite of software Libraries and SDKs make developing your own sensing solutions easy.

Build with Speed

The Helium Atom easily integrates with thousands of sensors providing secure, long-range communications to the cloud.

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Deploy at Scale

Through the power of HeliumOS you can grow and manage your sensor logic and connectivity at any deployment size.

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Generate Business Insights

Using Helium Cloud Tools, send your data to your own BI system or third party apps to create and explore new insights.

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Build Business Value through
Connected Sensing

Helium's Developer Tools makes it easy for any company to apply IoT technologies and extract physical data from their buildings, machines and assets. New insights can be gathered to identify tangible operational improvements such as increased yields, utilization and waste reduction. Deliver real value to your bottom line through custom connected sensing applications.

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Powerful Developer Tools to Turn Physical Data into Insights

Helium is built to simplify IoT development. A variety of hardware and software tools are designed for developers to easily build connected sensor applications, manage data transfer and define reporting requirements.

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Atom Development Board

The DevBoard allows for rapid prototyping for all manner of UART, SPI and I2C Sensors.

Element Access Point

The Element creates robust Helium network coverage for thousands of connected devices.

Dashboard, APIs & SDKs

Powerful modern tooling includes RESTful API, popular language SDKs and a data-viz Dashboard.

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