Hunting for Helpful Hints for Your Home and Garden Endeavors?

For Living Space 360’s readers, home is where the heart is. If you’re the type to who wants nothing more than to enjoy the comfort and peace that comes from being safe at home, you’ll love reading Living Space 360.

Tips for a stress-free move

Those staring off on the road to creating a new home will love the advice they find in the Real Estate section, where we offer guides to buying and renting properties and tips for a stress-free move. You can also explore the world of landlords, and delve into topics like the importance of doing a background check on tenants and how to craft a proper lease. Or if you’re wondering how to go about renting a vacation property, you can find information and advice on that in Living Space 360, too.

Making your home your castle — advice for both inside and out

We’ve all been there: You find a home and the bones are good, but the rest of it could use a little help! If you’re interested in renovating, restoring, adding on or improving, you’ll enjoy the the broad spectrum of advice Living Space 360 has to offer. With information on how to improve home interiors, how to update your home’s exterior, how to keep your lawn green and more, no matter what home improvement project you’re looking to complete, Living Space 360 offers the tips and tricks that you need in order to accomplish it.

Helping the home gardener succeed

What makes a home even better? A garden to grow your own fresh produce in! If you’re ready to dig in and get started, head to Living 360’s Gardening section. There, we’ll show you how to plant herbs, vegetables and fruits that you can enjoy all year round. Or if you prefer to admire the beauty and scents that can be found in a flower garden, check out our sections on perennials, annuals and garden décor. We’ve even got information on trees, shrubs and houseplants, as well as advice on keeping your garden pest free.

Whatever it is you need to keep your home in the best shape possible, you’re sure to find it here on Living Space 360.

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