Learn about cultures from around the globe

Planet Earth is populated by more than 7 billion people, no two of whom are exactly alike. But thanks to our common traditions, values and needs, we form unique societies in which to live. If you want to know how societies are created, what sets one apart from another or wonder what it would be like to be a member of another society, Life Paths 360 is the place for you.

Get to Know Your Fellow Humans

In Life Paths 360’s Cultures section, you can investigate the beliefs and customs that are shared by people around the world. Find out how Chinese superstitions originated or read about Norse mythology. Explore how Australian and American etiquette differs and what cultural differences exist from one high school to another. See what daily life is like in any of a number of cultures; learn what hardships face various communities and how they overcome those challenges. Get to know the people of diverse regions by gaining insight into their conventions and traditions.

What role do ethnicity and gender play in life?

Life Paths 360’s Ethnicity & Gender section explores a wide variety of subjects, including feminism, immigration issues and racism. Read about the roles biology and society play in gender identity or how African-American leadership in the United States has grown. Explore viewpoints about feminism’s impact on family values. Find out what issues plague certain ethnicities while completely escaping others. There are so many aspects to ethnicity and gender to be explored, and Life Paths 360 provides a wealth of information on all of them.

How are morals and values determined?

Life Paths 360’s Morals, Values & Norms section offers in-depth information on personal and social values. Read this section to find out how much of a role society’s expectations have on individuals. Discover how people establish and live by their own personal values. Life Paths 360’s informative articles will enlighten you on why society continues to build and adhere to distinct morals and values.

If you’re looking for deeper insight into humanity, you’ll find the information you need inside Life Paths 360.

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