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From philosophy to literature to learning a new language, Humanities 360 is a veritable fountain of knowledge on everything you’d like to know about the humanities.

Resources for every level of writing

Here at Helium Publishing, we pride ourselves on knowing a thing or two about writing. We are, after all, one of the largest online writer communities. So where better to look for all of your writing needs? Feeling writer’s block creeping up? You’ll find a whole section devoted to the writing process. Here you can find a veritable abundance of resources for writers, from tips on writing content for the web to advice on completing that novel. In our Business of Writing section, you’ll find all you need to know as a professional writer. Learn how to apply for a job as a journalist. Find out how to earn money from your blog. Get advice on finding a literary agent, and everything in between.

The grand world of poetry and literature

There’s nothing quite like opening up a great piece of literature. With a good book, you can go back in time, visit other realms, and be other people. Delve into the vast world of literature with Humanities 360, where you can find articles on all manner of works, from classic pieces by Dickens and Dostoevsky to modern romance and young adult novels to comic books and graphic novels. Are poetry or plays more your speed? You’ll find sections for those too. In Humanities 360’s Literature section, explore pieces from all across time and across the globe, from classic Greek mythology and religious literature to fantasy and children’s literature, and everything in between.

Journeying across time and history

If the old adage is true that history is bound to repeat itself, then find out what’s coming by boning up on what’s already happened. You can do just that with Humanities 360’s History section. Take a trip back in time to any one of our historical sections, from Origins and Firsts in History and Ancient History to Middle Ages up to The World Wars. Curious about those historical oddities and unsolved crimes? Learn all about what interests you in our History Mysteries section.

Learning new languages

The intricacies of learning a new language can leave you tongue-tied, but in our Languages section, you can find out language learning tips, and discover the origins of new words you encounter. We have sections from English, Spanish, French and Asian languages, but we don’t stop there. You can also explore the ins and outs of our Ancient and Biblical languages section.

From exploring worlds of old to writing about what’s to come, you’ll find all the help you need at Humanities 360!

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