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Atom XBee Module

The Helium Atom is the heart of the connectivity solution. Select from US or European models (EU Model coming soon).

Product Details

The Helium Atom XBee Module is the prototyping version of our secure, low-power, dual-band wireless module. The XBee format is compatible with many existing embedded devices, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and mbed. Some embedded devices some may require an additional adapter, contact us at if you have any questions before purchasing.

The Atom is the only dual-band, long range, low-power, hardware-secured IEEE-standards compliant module available today. Each Atom has a uniquely provisioned hardware root of trust to help ensure that you can always trust the device and its data to be authentic at all times.

Atom devices connect to the nearest Element out of the box using Helium's wireless technology that allows devices to communicate long distances with little interference and requiring no device-level configuration.

Technical Specifications

Download the Helium Atom Datasheet

Download the Helium Atom XBee Module Schematics

Monthly Subscription

Only $1.99/month for each Atom. No Credit Card required. New accounts receive a one-time $50 credit that applies toward the monthly subscription.


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