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Helium AWS IoT Channel Guide

AWS IoT is AWS's dedicated IoT offering, used by developers and enterprises in IoT deployments as the entry point into AWS's Cloud Products. One can store, filter, transform, and act upon device and sensor data in the AWS Cloud.

The Helium AWS IoT Channel enables you to quickly send Helium device data to AWS IoT with little effort, while adhering to their schema and security best practices.


To get started, you'll need accounts for both Helium Dashboard and AWS IoT as well as an activated Helium Atom.

Configuring and Deploying the AWS IoT Channel

Setting up the Channel in Dashboard requires three pieces of information from AWS.

Finding your AWS IoT Access Key ID

  1. Log in to your AWS IoT account
  2. In the nav bar, hover over your name and click My Security Credentials in the dropdown
  3. In the My Security Credentials page, click Users in the menu
  4. Click Add Users
  5. In Set User Details > User Name, type - helium
  6. Under Select AWS Access Type, make sure Programmatic Access is selected
  7. Click Next: Permissions
  8. We'll add a user to a group next. Click Add user to group > Create Group
  9. Name the new group helium and select AWSIoTConfigAccess policy
  10. Click Create Group
  11. Once this new group has been created, check the box to give the helium user group permissions. Click Next: Review.
  12. Confirm the new group, user, and policy and select Create user to finish.

You should then see a confirmation with your Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key. We'll be using these to finish setting up the Channel in Dashboard.

Deploying the Channel in Helium Dashboard

  1. In Dashboard, go to Channels and create a new AWS IoT channel
  2. Enter the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key from AWS
  3. The AWS Region is available from the browser address bar in AWS IoT. The example below's region is us-west-2
  4. Name your Channel and click Create.

AWS IoT MQTT Settings

Once deployed, the Helium AWS IoT Channel auto-generates the correct configuration information needed to use the MQTT Broker provided by AWS IoT. Specifically this enables you to automatically configure AWS IoT's MQTT broker to subscribe to and publish messages to your Atoms.


AWS IoT MQTT Settings Usage
Atom MQTT Subscription Topic Use this to subscribe to messages from a given Atom on the AWS IoT MQTT broker.
Atom MQTT Publish Topic Use this topic to send message to a given Atom on the AWS IoT MQTT broker.