Helium MQTT Channel

MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport which has gained a lot traction with IoT developers and services. It's designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks.

Helium provides two ways to integrate MQTT into your IoT solution:

  1. The Helium-hosted Cloud MQTT Channel that we create automatically for all Dashboard users.
  2. A custom MQTT server that lets you subscribe to specific topics you define.

This short guide will cover both of these methods.


In order to configure and deploy this Channel, you'll need a Helium Dashboard Account.

Pre-configured Helium MQTT

For all deployments, Helium will act as an MQTT broker and provide pub/sub capabilities with secure authentication to live messages coming from your devices.

To view this Channel's specifics:

  1. In Dashboard, go to Channels and navigate to Active Channels
  2. You’ll find Helium MQTT activated. Click on the Channel
  3. Copy the MQTT Connection String and Team MQTT Topic to the MQTT Client of your choice

Connect to a Custom MQTT Broker

In addition to the preconfigured Helium MQTT Channel, you can connect to a custom MQTT Broker.

  1. In Dashboard, go to Channels and create a new MQTT channel
  2. Enter your custom MQTT endpoint and your topics
  3. Name your Channel and click Create.